The Subtle Cause Of Differences In Races And Tribes

The ethnically Dutch are definitely the ‘master tribe’ by any empirical measure. The ethnically north sea (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns and North Germans) are an obvious distance behind.

If for no other reason than there is greater territorial distance between them and the less evolved people (resistance to invasive genes), and the difficulty of surviving long winters ( selection ), and the combination of late marriage, voluntary mate selection, and near breeding (selection), culling (hanging, starvation, and war).

The celts ( my mother’s relations, and that of most of Britons ) get to ride-along like the Franks, and the eastern Europeans. But its pretty simple really: Selective breeding over longer periods of time with less of the genes from the sunshine latitudes.

Evolution progresses upward under lower population density and dysgenia spreads in high population density. This is fairly obvious but that there should be a balance in order to preserve the human condition is something that limits us, and we dislike it.

Someone sent me a map the other day, that showed genders of western Europeans (r1b, r1a) to be about equally attractive on average(forests: cattle farmers), eastern European females on average to be more attractive than males (Polish Ukrainian Russian), and, along with the increase in black hair, southeastern europeans to be less attractive on average, and middle easterners (turks, iranians, Jews, and Arabs) to be much less attractive on average. This assessment does not include north Africans, black Africans, the caucasian people of India, or the east and southeast Asians.

But if I look at it as a very simple question of (a) degree of sexual immaturity or maturity, (b) degree of sexual dimorphism, then these two axes reflect both differences in testosterone and estrogen, and differences in sexual maturity.

– Southeast Asians have lower sexual maturity, lower sexual dimorphism that’s slanted female. High inequality of desirability between women and men.

– East Asians have lower sexual maturity and lower sexual dimorphism, slanted female. High inequality of desirability between women and men.

– Eastern and Southern Slavs have lower sexual maturity, (hence the jawline), and higher female dimorphism. Women slightly more desirable than men.

– Germanic Whites have lower sexual maturity (prolonged adolescence) and higher sexual dimorphism. Men and women equally desirable.

– The Iranian/jewish branch (vs the celt/germanpolish/ukrainian
branch), and the arab and berber branches, have higher sexual maturity but level sexual dimorphism. (male emotionalism, females with strong male features). Men more desirable than women.

– The black africans have very high and fast sexual maturity, superior strength and agility. and masculine slanted sexual dimorphism. High inequality of desirability between women and men.


Lets illustrate using two well-understood extremes: female solipsism and male autism. Women tend toward the solipsistic and men the autistic. Men tend toward the spatio-physical(models and systems), and women to the verbal (individuals and experiences). Rates of maturity reduce time in childhood and adolescence for learning. Rates of maturity increase impulsivity. Search for novelty increases


We see this in the desirability of mates on dating and social sites from around the world, and we have such enormous amounts of data now from demonstrated preferences that these questions are no longer hypothetical, but now require refutation that will be difficult to determine.


Women select poorly by instinct, and men are not terribly selective at all. Women are attracted to that which they understand, men what visual signs of fertility that they can observe. Marriage and reduction of insurance by the tribe force men and women to mate on long-term survival grounds, rather than on our sexual impulses – which at least for women, do not assist us in collecting desirable traits in civilization. And men are not discriminate enough to select without marriage.

Taller, more symmetrical, fairer, and all other signs of ‘health’ like hair, skin, head size. But we have to be able to survive our environments with those traits. Africa and high conflict areas need masculine traits, some ver hot areas smaller size, and the polar regions feminine traits are more beneficial, and survivable.

It’s no secret any longer that there is a difference between how we perceive aspirational beauty (tall blondes) and reproductive frequency (petite brunettes). The petite brunettes have more offspring. And they appear to be far more loyal. And men are more willing to work for them.


The discovery of fossil fuels for the purpose of creating electricity has been a quality of life improvement, but expanded dysgenia in cold climates to match that in warm climates.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Somewhere on planet earth.

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