There Is No Reason To Tolerate Burgher (Bourgeoise) Interference in Political Orders

Let’s compare Soros’ activism, with PPPP’s activism against Gawker.

The courts can be, if we repair the constitution, a method by which the wealthy can police what the politicians choose not to. This is a good. We have juridical defense in these cases.

But why can we not sue Soros for corruption by circumventing the courts, where we have juridical defense?

The moment we let the state determine law rahter than terms of contract we surrender to state corruption, and the corruptibility of the state.

So far, in the west, we have, at least until the past few generations, been able to preserve the rule of law as sacred natural order beyond which no man may transgress.

This is our defense. Not politicians. They are corrupt to the last – because they must be.

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