True Names

(notes to self for current line of thought)

—“Any sufficiently true property of the universe appears to the trained eye as a model rather than reality.”—Jonathan Page

Constancy and determinism and true names. True = True Name. True name is “invariant”.

If we pass the tests of dimensional consistency that I suggest with the 6/7 model, then it is very hard to say we do not have a true name.

We can test the dimensions of the universe with mathematics.

We can test the dimensions of cooperation with various forms of reason.

But I am not sure that either in mathematics, or in reason, that once we surpass a certain (small) number of dimensions, that we are in-fact talking about a property of the universe, or whether we have entered the realm of models alone.

There is possibly no limit to the manifold RELATIONS that we can model using dimensions to track those relations. I mean, this is what I suggest is a superior method of constructing artificial intelligences for very, very, fast searches. I suspect this is the long term answer to post-human intelligences. I kind of doubt that anything could touch it. And in this sense, mathematical searching *WILL* surpass proceduralism.

What I am unsure about is whether we are describing the universe then, or whether we are describing a model constrained by the properties of the universe.

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