Was Alexander Great? Much More So Than Historians Give Him Credit For


In the 3500 year old battle between the aristocracy(how we live) and the dictatorship(how most of the world lives) he was the first great general to defeat the first great threat to our civilization (our aristocratic civilization): the Persian Empire, and as a consequence the totalitarianism of the river civilizations, making the world safe for the territorial farming civilizations.

What you might add to your understanding of history, is that those people who invented Aristocracy invented as a consequence, sovereignty. And the only possible means of decision making under sovereignty: debate, reason, logic, empiricism, and the objective Truth that results from their use; and the only possible institutions of decision making under sovereignty: jury, senate, democracy; And the only possible method of conflict resolution under sovereignty: Natural, judge-discovered, common law. And the methods of organization under sovereignty: a market for production of goods and services; a market for reproduction (marriage); a market for the production of commons (multi-house democratic government); a market for the production of knowledge (science); a market for leadership (election).

Despite the west being poorer, less populous, and on the edge of the bronze age, the west advanced faster than the rest of the world in both the ancient athenian(navy)-spartan(army)-roman(industry), and modern anglo(navy)-german(army)-american(industry) eras, because there is no faster way of adapting and innovating than heroism, sovereignty, truth, and markets-in-everything.

So Heroism creates the need for Sovereignty, which in turn creates the need for everything the west has achieved that we value.

And that is why Alexander Matters. He is the HAND of Aristotle. And the two of them conquered the east in defense of the west. Aristotle conquered mysticism and falsehoods, and Alexander despotism.

The west has a very important and unique idea: sovereignty.

– Sovereignty : Aristocracy – Organizing the Polity.
– Liberty: Burghers – Organizing the Economy.
– Freedom: Laborers – Transforming resources
– Consumption(‘so called positive freedom’): women, children, and the underclasses

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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