We’re the Strange Ones. The Rest of The World Is Normal: Corrupt.


that the purpose of the militia, the sheriff, and the judiciary, is to eliminate corruption from the market economy, and resist as much as possible political corruption from entering the market economy, while preserving the natural corruption that exist in the ‘favors’ economy, of the political production of commons.

American corruption is fairly isolated in the sense that it’s political and systemic, and usually hidden, and rarely interferes with the private economy.

This differs from most of the world, and certainly within the post-soviet countries, where citizens directly experience corruption with nearly all officials, and where it’s terribly common to have the government collect protection money, or for the government to construct false legal claims in order to force you into bankruptcy so that your business can be bought for pennies by one of the political allies.

These are normal everyday occurrences here. I have been in stores when people come in seeking bribes. I have paid bribes to policemen. I have paid bribes to administration officials. I have paid bribes to customs officers – not to get away with anything mind you – but to prevent them from imposing HIGHER costs on me unjustly.

I have no problem with paying anyone for extraordinary work, like higher prices for shorter lines. Some of us have more money than time, and some more time than money. I have no problem paying someone for extraordinary service (rushing some work). This is not corruption, it’s compensation.

It’s corruption when it costs money to have someone just do a job, or when you aren’t initiating it in order to obtain extra service.

Most of the world is corrupt/ it is the west that’s unique.

We are the weird people.

The rest of the world is normal: corrupt.

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