What are Verbal Illusions (Deceptions)?


(important) (I figured out how to talk about suggestion)

The pollution of philosophy with the verb “to be”: creating nonsense problems because our minds do not seem able to avoid the confusion created between experience and existence when we say “is” or “are”.

So the vast number of sophistries we falsely categorize as philosophical problems are merely confusions created by the misuse of grammar ( effort discounts ) just as a magician misleads with gestures.

The only difference is that the magician knows he deceived others. But the sophist does not know he deceives himself.

We evolved to substitute information not existing in speech of others through inference. We also evolved to save effort in thought and speech through suggestion ( shortcuts ). The words is and are suggestive shortcuts.

But when this shortcut is combined in certain permutations it forces the circumvention of reason and the evocation of pre-rational substitution.

In other words, it forces us out of reason and reality into intuition and imagination. This is the same trick that occurs with optical illusions. Both optical illusions and verbal illusions are created by the same means of suggestion: disinformation or partial information constructed to force intuitionistic substitution.

This is the same technique used by storytellers to invoke suspension of disbelief, priests to convince the foolish of the existence of imaginary worlds, and politicians and public intellectuals to lie, and dishonest philosophers to overload, and sophists to confuse.

Ergo: any question of philosophy that contains the words is or are and is not stated in operational language is at best sophistry, at worst, the most insidious evils that have ever been let loose on man.

It is this understanding that has made me an anti philosophy philosopher and forced me to unite science and philosophy.

Because whether religious, political or philosophical, the abuse if these cognitive biases to harm mankind must end.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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