A Subjective To Objective Translation Worth Repeating

—Humans are adapted to want traditional forms of governance. They want law. They want to be ruled by legitimate, worthy, and trusted authority. They want a leader who commands the force of the nation to represent them to the outside world.”— Adolphus Völkermord

Yes … and we want them because we want low opportunity costs (a dense population), low transaction costs (trust), low-cost information(homogeneity language, and interests), low-cost negotiation (stable norms: manners, ethics, morals), high returns on our work effort (a market and competitive commons), insurance against defection and defectors(law), and insurance against our failure (insurer of last resort), and insurance against the loss of all of the above (military defense).

What I have learned to say is that we want a low cost of ‘calculating’ probability of success in our endeavors, and high returns on our efforts expended:

*The greatest return, in the shortest time, for the least effort, with the greatest degree of certainty, at the lowest risk*

In other words, we are like every other creature, object, molecule, and particle in the known universe.

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