Aristocracy Made Us.

The conservative organizing principle is meritocracy, and a significant percentage of mankind cannot productively compete.

The primary reason being that they cannot compete productively is that they are nearly impossible to train, difficult and expensive to train, or more expensive to train than the organization of reproduction, production, and commons can tolerate.

The conservative promise that everyone can rise if he so chooses, is false.

The conservative belief that everyone desires liberty is false – they desire consumption. But they lack the capacity to produce other than by physical means, and under direct instruction.

The conservative belief that we all can be raised to join the aristocracy is false – we cannot be – some of us lack the character.

The conservative pretense that democracy is possible outside of the natural aristocracy is predicated on these lies: that we can achieve equality through discipline.

But we have achieved our relative equality in the west through eugenics: in reproduction, in production, in commons. And commonly through warfare, and consistently through hanging (culling).

Conservatism is a eugenic evolutionary strategy and that because of this genetic evolutionary strategy we have culled the ranks of the bottom, and limited our numbers by doing so, thereby concentrating reproduction in our best people. We have been practicing this evolutionary strategy aggressively for 1000, cautiously for 2000, in one way or another for at least 3500 if not 4500, and possibly as long as 7000 years.

When in fact, small percentages of the (genetic)upper proletariat, much of the (genetic)lower middle class, most of the (genetic)middle class, and nearly all of the (genetic)upper middle and (genetic)upper classes can do so. This is in fact what ‘class’ means in practice. That we vary by economic class a lot, vary by social class less so, and vary by genetic class very, very little, has no impact on the fact that the primary determinant of social and economic class is genetic class.

It is not only the left that lies. Conservatives lie as well.

And we lie to ourselves when we try to enfranchise and convert those people without our evolutionary history, and therefore similarly narrow distributions of talents and defects.

We – the majority genetic middle class – used the lie of democracy to seized power from the aristocracy.

And the left – majority genetic lower class – uses it to seizes power from us.

Democracy is a very bad idea.

It’s unnatural.

It’s dysgenic.

And it is incompatible with our civilization.

It was just an excuse to use our numbers to defeat the aristocratic minority, rather than preserve them, while ADDING ourselves – the those who organize production – to leadership in aristocratic civiization: those who organize the ability to organize economically.

Aristocracy made us.

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