Like All Things, The Cost Of Teaching Lies Includes The Unseen As Well As The Seen.

I wonder what would happen to boy’s performance in school if we stopped forcing them to memorize, and telling them lies, and instead forced them to repeatedly solve model-problems, and taught them the truth?

Sure, girls mature faster than we do, are more interested in pleasing others, are more verbally inclined, and more comfortable sitting still. Sure, boys mature more slowly, are less interested in pleasing as they are discovering limits, are more spatio-physically inclined and it appears that they are brain damaged by sitting still so much.

In other words, *boys are more expensive to teach*.

But, when we account for outcomes, what is the cost of teaching obeyance, lies, memorization, and sitting still, compared to the cost of teaching how to form hunting parties, the truth of the word, learning by doing, and engaging in action.

We all know the answer intuitively – that we have made our western aristocracy into scribes and water-carriers for a deceitful priesthood conducting a genetic, cultural, and territorial war under the ruse of ‘care’ – when it’s just dysgenics warfare.

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