No, Capitalism Isn’t Enough

–“trust isn’t necessary just capitalism”— Diego Anonymous


Let me correct you a bit – largely by providing you with more precise language.

Capitalism – private production of goods and services by the universal distribution of private property rights – has always existed to some degree – it must for trade to exist.

But, cooperation at *scale* using institutions, that creates what we call ‘consumer capitalism’ requires high trust society.

Without high trust, states are necessary to organize sale and complex production, because of the risk required of all participants. States as the insurer of last resort, insure against ‘risk of defection’.

This is why centrally managed economies can be used to transform states from a condition of backwardness, but cannot be used to maintain them once backwardness is reduced and society reordered, or to create persistently competitive states where self-ordering produces consistent market innovation.

The only known way of producing high trust is evolution from common (negative) law, property rights for women, and the prohibition on inbreeding (cousin marriage). Common law insures against ‘risk of defection’.

The only known way of producing common (negative) law is evolution from a militia (Anglo-Saxon model).

The only known way of producing a professional bureaucracy is evolution from an army (french-german-prussian). (And this leads to napoleonic law of state vs people, not common natural-law of militias of universal equality)

The only known way of producing a libertarian (anglo-saxon) political order is with militia and common law, combining to provide sufficient suppression of free riding such that commons can be produced without defection preserving competitiveness, and private goods can be produced competitively.

One man may rule.
An Oligarchy may rule.
A professional bureaucracy may rule.
Or all may rule – thereby ensuring that none rules.

Rule of law (nomocracy);
The civic production of commons (liberalism);
The private production of goods and services (capitalism);
And the condition under which we experience all three (liberty);
Can each exist but they cannot exist without one another.


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