Realities of IQ in Business

(No jimmy, not everyone can join the upper middle class)

People above 140 come up with new concepts.
People above 130 come up with new business ideas.
People above 120 exploit niches in markets with existing ideas.
People above 110 work harder than others are willing to at capturing marginal opportunities at lower profit, that better companies are unwilling to chase.
People above 100 might, if they’re lucky manage well.
People below 100 do the work of bringing others’ ideas to fruition.
People below 85 are too difficult and expensive to train to work on ideas.

(If you thought of it, and you arent’ in the 130+ category, someone thought of it already, and decided it wasn’t possible, or worth it. on the other hand, if you are willing to serve niche customers who you can empathize with that is something you can turn into money. But you must get customers, you cannot attract them.)

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