The West’s Other Promethian Fire


Prometheus may have stolen fire. But we gave mankind the Fire of The Mind: Truth.

And from the Fire of the Mind, we gave mankind debate, reason, rationalism, science, physics, medicine, and testimonialism. We gave him testimony, the jury, natural law, the common law, the independent judiciary, the constitutional order: the contractual-order of mankind.

To hell with equality and those who appeal to it – it’s a deceit by the weak to return us to dysgenic barbarism. We domesticated the human animal, and raised him from mysticism, ignorance, poverty, starvation and disease.

We domesticated man through the incremental suppression of his natural parasitism, leaving productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange in the market as his only possible method of survival: survival through the service of others. Using the common law, we changed the behavior of those we could. And we hung those we could not. And we built walls and armies to resist those who wish otherwise.

We have no equals. We either rule or are ruled by and preyed upon by our inferiors, who, by their sheer numbers, like locusts, are parasites upon this earth, that with every birth, prevent man from achievement of his promise: godhood.

Kill them all. Revel in your defense of man from another dark age of dysgenia, mysticism, ignorance, and suffering.

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