Types of Promise(Warranty)

Unless one starts with a definition of truth these are fairly meaningless words.

More desperate attempts to apply axiomatic or theoretic rules to loaded, framed, colloquial speech without the awareness that colloquial speech evolved to tolerate laziness, obscure ignorance, convey moral promise, and as such is neither axiomatic or theoretic but merely “meaningful”: conveying associations not necessary relations that are open to deduction.

Types of Commitment ( promise, warranty ):

  • Understanding: I can also find a relationship between that description and my experience. ( warranty of sympathy )
  • Belief: I intuit so given my experience but I cannot warranty I have tested it. But I warranty that I speak honestly, even if I err.(moral warranty)
  • Rational: I can find no contradiction for within my experience, and warranty that I have tried. ( warranty of diligence without cost of testing )
  • Empirical: I find it to be correspondent with observations (measurements) that warrant against errors in observation ( warranty of diligence and bearing the cost of testing )
  • Scientific: despite my efforts, I find it is correspondent and I cannot find a reason that it is false so it remains a truth candidate. ( warranty of diligence and investing in expanding testing )
  • Testimonial: I have conducted tests of identity, internal consistency, empirical consistency, existential possibility, objective morality, full accounting, parsimony and limits and as such it is very likely for the question at hand that this statement will survive all scrutiny and only increase in parsimony. ( warranty of total testing )

The only existentially possible truth is promissory.

The only existential truth we can warranty is testimonial.

One does not justify a truth one demonstrates a warranty of the degree of his diligence.

Thus endeth the lesson. 😉.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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