We Have No Recourse But Civil War

Democrats own responsibility for the 1965 immigration bill designed to flood the country with underclasses – reversing two centuries of the Puritan’s American eugenic experimentation. Why? Because socialism is undesirable to the productive people, and the people would not have it.

The democrats are responsible for the destruction of the family. And the destruction of the family as the central object of policy: creating good strong productive, inter generational families.

Democrats are responsible for moving the black family from the farm to the ghetto and destroying their families. The reason? To concentrate votes in cities in order to politically take their possession.

Democrats are responsible for ongoing racial hatred be forced bussing and urban planning. Traditions, norms, and habits in any subculture are grown through adaptation over generations. There is no shortcut. Forced integration we’d the catastrophe that took the black man from potential working class to permanent underclass by interfering with the necessary natural adaptation to western high trust low impulse civic society.

Democrats are responsible for the competitive decline of education, and blocking all attempts at reform. Why? Control of education using unskilled labor (most teachers ) is useful in indoctrinating generations into socialist submission. Furthermore, it allows women the false hope that their children are by and large mediocre and that the only control they have over the success of their offspring is the quality of man they choose to reproduce with.

Democrats are responsible for the disintegration of rule of law. By intentionally designed suits that create law though activist judges.

Democrats are responsible for all our ills.

They set out with the help of early socialists to steal a continent by importing votes, creating single mothers, and constructing permanent underclasses.

We have no recourse but civil war.

Welcome to the revolution.

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