Who Are The Actual Aryans – Europeans, Iranians Or Indians?

You know, there is a reason that despite their numbers, Indians have a problem publishing scientific papers that survive criticism and obtain citation. And this debate is one of them.

The genetic record is pretty clear that the people north of the black sea combined horse, wheel, and bronze, to spread east and west. This technology was as impossible to resist as later generations faced armored cavalry, longbow-archers, machine-guns, tanks, and ballistic missiles.

Rule by taxation is extremely profitable. So there were wars for control but no mass killings. In every region from Spain to China this led to rule and gradual integration.

Over the centuries, distinct civilizations formed as these invaders adapted to local economy and custom. Northern european(celto-germanic), southern european(mediterranean/baltic), eastern european(slavic), Byzantine, Iranian, Vedic, and the steppe peoples who appear an admixture. With competitors pressing Europeans to west of the Urals and north of the mediterranean. And the slow pre-speciation that we call ‘race’ and ‘tribe’ developed fairly distinct but similar morphological differences. With Whites being most successful at pedomorphic evolution (for some reason we do not yet fully understand) and only Whites and Chinese successful at using manorialism and law for eugenic evolution (suppression of reproduction of the underclasses).

India is a vast continent with vast resources, but was first truncated by the mongols, then the muslims, and finally the British, and was unable, as was china to successfully hold off invaders by the centralization of power into a military and institutional system.

White Americans likewise are demonstrating this same behavior by failing to resist conquest domestically. It is not unusual for indo europeans to be displaced by people from the steppe.

In fact, if history tells us anything, it is that the steppe breeds for aggression which indo europeans fail to counter.

My ‘suggestion’ to hindus is that the same reason the culture has been repeatedly conquered by outsiders, is the same reason the country demonstrates poverty, and the same reason we see this kind of pseudoscientific argument on places like Quora:

Look in the mirror. Because the problem is YOU.

We are out-gunned, out-germ’ed, out=steel’ed, out bred, out-religion’ed, for a reason.

Because we are are weak. Evolution is not forgiving. If we fail it is not because others are better, it is because we are not good enough to resist them.


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