You’re White And You’re The Bad Guy? Rule or Be Ruled. It’s Not Complicated.

(by Eli Harman)

If you’re a f__king white male, you are the bad guy, the cause of all the world’s problems, the personification of historic evil. That’s the role that has been prepared for you and assigned to you. You don’t get to decline the role. The standard of evil has been updated to including denying you are evil. The harder you deny it, the more evil you are. The dialectical traps have been woven and laid to ensure there is no escape.

The only choice you get to make is how you play the role. The expectation is typically that you will play it badly; that you will apologize for who your ancestors were and what they did, and live your life bowing and scraping and trying vainly to make amends for crimes which can never be forgiven or expunged; that you will take everyone’s side against yourself and give everything away in exchange for nothing.

But why do that? That’s stupid. There is nothing in it for us.

You could also play it well. Though somewhat degenerated from our heyday, we’re still the baddest motherfuckers who have ever lived, and if we put our heads together and use a little team work we can fuck up everyone else’s shit, take what we want, do what we want, lord over inferior people and not put up with any of their bullshit.

They don’t have to like it. They don’t have to like us. They don’t have to understand what we do or why. The only thing they need to understand is that if they fuck with us, they’re going to have a bad time.

You couldn’t possibly get any less respect by going off script than you would by playing the role as written.

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