Definitions of Techniques of Deception


Loading = Moral Loading (a form of biasing a suggestion, causing the person to be more heavily influenced by intuition – social effects.)

Framing = a form of informational cherrypicking where one eliminates some information and overloads with other information, in order to bias the conclusions of others.

Overloading = Cognitive Overloading ( The use of information, language, detail, to cause the failure of the individual to analytically tests the statement and resort to intuition – cognitive effects)

Pseudoscience and pseudorationalism, religion, and narrative are methods of Overloading. (Marxism is at present the second best form of overloading after monotheism – both of which make false utopian promises).

I sometimes separate out Environmental Overloading (Propaganda) to demonstrate overloading at scale, by industrialized means.

I sometimes refer to religion as using overloading and submission to overloading as a price of ritual entry into an identity.

Most deception occurs by the use of incomplete information to cause reliance on introspection (substitution). this kind of deception is open to denial, and therefore not open to retaliation. Whereas supplying false information rather than incomplete and suggested information is not open to denial, and therefore is open to retaliation.

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