Epistemology is a Simple Thing (Really)

(propertarianism) (core)

Recipes describe actionable knowledge that we can use to transform state.

Theories describe an Opportunity Field.

There exists only one epistemological method for the discovery of recipes and theories:

– Observation->perception,
– Free association-> wayfinding,
– Hypothesis->construction,
– Theory->survival from criticism,
– Law->survival in the market for criticism,
– Habituation -> survival,
– Metaphysical inclusion -> replication.

Within this method we find special cases of the epistemological method: non-contradiction, apriorisms, simplicity – in the same way we discover special cases of prime numbers – and for the same reason: coincidence of simplicities amidst the chaos of possibilities.

But we eventually run low on simplicities at any given level of precision, and must develop new logical and physical and moral instrumentation in order to obtain sufficient information to discover more simplicities at greater precision.

All the while defending against our tendencies to engage in error, bias,wishful thinking, suggestion, obscurantism, pseudoscience, pseudorationalism, pseudo-moralism, and deceit.

To warranty our speech against the dark forces of error, bias, and deceit, we can test each existentially possible dimension – in which humans can act – against error, bias, and deceit.

– Categorical Consistency – identity
– Logical Consistency – internal correspondence
– Empirical Consistency – external correspondence
– Existential Consistency – operational correspondence
– Moral Consistency – reciprocal correspondence
– Scope Consistency – full accounting – dimensional correspondence.

This process constitutes the completion of the scientific method for the warranty of due diligence of one’s testimony in every domain of human inquiry without exception.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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