We always, like children, test one another.Sometimes we find the limits.Unfortunately, the limit in politics is the restoration of violence.

But be very careful what you do with that violence. Because men are very aware that the proxy is revokable, and we can return to violence.

Politics is a proxy for violence between men. A market for trades to avoid violence. Women have permission to use this proxy -within limits.

Of course suburbans and rurals have higher sensitivity to costs imposed: the police vast commons that urbanites take for granted.

The primary problem is the differences in opportunity costs as density decreases. Rural people police vast commons that urbans dont.

If houses were restored to requirements for membership classes could conduct exchanges truthfully rather than propagandize with falsehoods.

We end monopoly democracy and restore the market for commons by trade between the houses of the classes. The city-suburb warfare ends.

Immigrant cities are excellent plantations for wage and tax slavery. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that they took the bait.

End The Age of Monopoly Rule, and restore the west to it’s genius: markets in everything.

Democracy created the age of monopoly rule, where the west had forever suppressed it. Houses of government created a market, not monopoly.



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