Constitutional Convention? How about Hanging-Trees?


No we are not having a constitutional convention.

1) Liberals have destroyed the constitution’s rule of law by arguing that we can pass whatever laws we want. The 14th amendment alone invalidated the constitution. What damage wasn’t done then was done by the income tax. What wasn’t done then was done by Roosevelt’s threat to stack the supreme court if we didn’t enact social security. If we can pass abortion, gay marriage, and obamacare, and if we have circumvented the amendment and convention process, then rule of law no longer exists. the government exists only out of habit, and simply hasn’t created enough discord to cause a revolution – until now.

2) So lets just skip yet another leftist lie. There is no united states any longer, because there is no constitution any longer, because there is no rule of law any longer, because the liberals destroyed rule of law in order to destroy the united states by achieving through immigration of the third world against the will of the people in order to destroy the united states by an act of fraud..

3) So here is what we suggest: the moment you call for a convention you’re declaring war. And we WANT a war. We love war. It is our greatest achievement after truth.

We can agree that the undesirable states with the immigrant cities leave the union, freeing us from generations of accumulated debt and expense, and cultural and genetic conquest. Preserving the government.

Or we can remove all federal legislation and return it to the states, and dissolve the supreme court, the congress and the presidency, leaving only the Military, the Treasury, and The Insurer of Last Resort, to be managed by a board of the governors.

Or we will end the united states and devolve into separate regional polities that reflect regional cultures, and abandon the federal government entirely, returning all powers and functions to the regions or states.

Or we can start a civil war, kill as many of each other and the members of the government that we can – and let the chips fall where they may.

But what we will NOT do is allow the liberals to use the pretense of rule of law to engineer a conquest of our people, culture, and territories We’ll kill all of you first – and revel in it.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

One response to “Constitutional Convention? How about Hanging-Trees?”

  1. 1) How did the 14th and 16th Amendments invalidate the Constitution? I think the 17th Amendment is the one that damaged it the most.

    2) Act of fraud or act of war? I’ll argue the Left has committed acts of war upon us. We simply haven’t chosen to respond in kind (ie, violently) yet.

    3) I fear a convention, whether called by Congress or the states, would result in all vestiges of the Constitution being wiped out. Remember, the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called to revise the Articles of Confederation. The delegates ignored their charge, tossed out the Articles, and started from scratch. If that happened now we could end up with something akin to the proposed EU constitution.

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