The Term “Individualism” is a Slur. Sovereignty, not Individualism.

Non-Conflation is the Result of the ‘Sentiment’ of Sovereignty.

I realize this is hard to understand, but in the simplest example, most cultures conflate religion and law. Ours maintained the separation. We preserve separation and therefore competition everywhere. Because sovereignty is our founding principle – that which makes us westerners. All other virtues of western civlization derive from – are a consequence of – sovereignty. Our separation of church (weak) and state (strong) is just what we think of most frequently. Or our separation of powers. But these separations exist to preserve sovereignty. We merely justify them as good because we intuit the preservation of sovereignty as a good where most other cultures are incapable of producing institutions that can survive competition.

The term ‘individualism’ is a slur.  ANOTHER LIE.

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