Status of “The Book”: Natural Law


Anne (All),

You know, I can actually write a short book, “The Law of Nature”, with help from a few others in this group of ours. Although I still need a little help from the “Occultists” etc to color it a bit.

Even a few months ago I thought I couldn’t do it yet. But I’ve realized over the past few weeks that I can. I can make a very short, very small book. In fact, I am getting close to thinking that I can write something as small as a pamphlet or paper. That’s the value of taking so long. I get better at ‘simplificating and adding brevity’.

But you know, I’ve put more than a million dollars of my own money, and not insignificant amounts of my friends money, in to our product and I need to get it to commercial-quality done.

That is my moral imperative.

And honestly, evidence is that the longer I take, the more demand goes up, the better I get at saying it in fewer words.

Our (my advisors and I) original plan still holds:

1 – put out enough of a skeleton on the web site that I can attract early adopters and good criticism from ‘near neighbors’ in the community.

2 – put out a booklet or pamphlet, or ‘paper’ that contains the full argument but without all the narrative and all the historical content and examples.

3 – put out ‘the bible of western civilization’ which will forever serve as the legal, moral, and religious basis of western peoples – and all peoples who wish to transcend.

If it was easy someone else would have figured it out. But you know, christianity put an evil dent in our people. The defeat of roman civilization put an evil dent in our people. The muslim conquest put an evil dent in humanity. and unfortunately, and quite counter-intuitively, Mathematical reasoning put an evil dent in the greek philosophers.

The basis of western civlization was always there: the cult of sovereignty: the initiatic brotherhood of warriors.

“I shall speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth even if it brings me death. I will take nothing not paid for. And I will cause no other to bear cost by my words or deeds. And if I break this oath I ask you my brothers to kill me for it.”

If you practice this oath of initiation on a civilizational scale (and regardless of gender), with near-kin, then you will get western civlization because one cannot both keep that oath and do anything other than construct western civlization: sovereignty, truth, and markets in everything.

All I am doing is making even an argument against this oath prosecutable to the point of death.

Curt Doolittle
The Cult of Non Submission
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Natural Law of Sovereign Men
The Propertarian Institute, Kiev, Ukraine

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