Can Vancouver, Bc Become A New Silicon Valley?

It’s unlikely. (Spoken as someone who has purchased a Canadian tech company)
1. Canadian work ethic and 100 hour weeks at startups are incompatible.
2. Employment regulations place too high a burden on small businesses.
3. Shareholder requirements in Canada are too burdensome for high risk opportunities.
4. Consumer banking in Canada is exceptional but commercial banking is like dealing with the government – depressing, incompetent, and ignorant.
5. The VC community (if you want to call it that) is not competent in tech – better in mining and resources.
6. The university system has no peer to California or NY/Boston
7. Canada lacks sufficient population to produce sufficient engineers, capable of taking sufficient risks. At present it takes 500M people in a market to produce competitive intellectual work products at the level of global powers.

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