For Sovereigns, Truth Is the Only Possible Authority

by Alex Sea

Negotiation vs. Imposition

Two sovereigns must appeal to truth as their ultimate authority – a low cost for them, as they are dealers in truth, but an exorbitant one to those who deal in falsehoods.

The further from sovereignty a party is, the more costly the transaction is, as the sovereign must account for all parties between the two, and he ultimately appeals to truth on behalf of those who appeal to him, or suffers retaliation.

In interactions between sovereign and citizen, the citizen must appeal to sovereign, the sovereign to truth. Between sovereign and Freeman, the Freeman to sovereign, the sovereign to citizen and truth. Etc, down to enemy.

The sovereign’s decision must be bearable to all above the party being directly dealt with and is imposed upon all those below that party – within boundaries that balance the cost of the imposition and their agency.

(flawless Alex. -Curt)


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