Has The World Been Plunged Into A Dark Immoral Age?

  1. History is best understood in retrospect not during its making. We are definitely in an era of superstition for the past century – since the rise of all fundamentalisms in reaction to the enlightenment, and then darwin, culminating in current postmodernism. And our new ‘secular religion’ is more intolerant and demanding of falsehoods than any religion ever dreamed of being.
  2. Violence is only a measure of one form of theft. In every era theft shifts as wealth increases. It shifted from murder to theft, then theft to fraud, and fraud to information-fraud. It is arguable that far more theft occurs today than at any time in history, it just occurs through money and credit manipulation and because we are wealthier we just don’t ‘feel’ it. But if you look at what percent of our incomes are ‘taken’ today it’s horrifying compared to the 1–3% taxation that was common throughout history
  3. We seem to have had a number of dark ages over the past 15,000 years, the most obvious one’s being the black sea deluge era, the 1800–1200 bronze age collapse. the Justinian Plague/Muslim Expansion we call the medieval Dark Ages, and now it appears the one that began with the european civil war (the world wars) and truncated the second scientific and cultural revolution occurring in Germany at the time.
  4. All dark ages are identifiably caused by migration periods that disrupt patterns of trade, or plagues or climate changes, that disrupt production. We are currently undergoing one of the greatest demographic shifts in world history. And this is occurring during a period of rebalancing of powers. If successful then we will return to regional powers peacefully. if not we will – as is usual in history – likely encounter some set of wars.
  5. For these reasons it’s arguable that we have been entering a dark age, and that the 20th century is merely a unique period where the accumulated technological and social developments of western civlization from 1200–1900 have been distributed around the world, but the consequences of which have resulted in dramatic demographic changes and political changes that have traditionally produced wars.


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