How Close Are We To A Constitutional Crisis? Does The Current Admin Really Care About Our Rights?

You don’t have any rights intrinsically. You can’t have them. You can aspire to possess them. No other statement is true or possible. We create governments to create legal rights by denying each other choices.

At present many people possess legal privileges not legal rights. These privileges come at the expense of others rights and privileges.

The people who do ‘everything’ (the working and middle class) are tired of losing rights in order that other people may have privileges.

What differentiates a right from a privilege? A Right consists of a prohibition upon the imposition of costs upon that which you have born costs to obtain. A privilege consists of an imposition of costs upon others that you have not born a cost to obtain.

So you must know the difference between a right and a privilege. What has occurred is that the government has attempted to grant as many privileges as possible in order to maintain social harmony in order to maintain the economy and society despite having dismantled our history, our traditions, our culture, our law, and our families.

We tolerate governments so long as the pain of the status quo is less than the pain of revolution.

People have begun to care about their rights, and care less about other’s privileges. This is because the emphasis on immigration and free trade, and globalization has put an undue cost on the ‘moral’ working and middle classes.

This will end badly.

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