Is America Becoming More Tribalist/racist?

( PREFACE: My position is that all race questions on Quora should be banned. The reason being that false and comforting answers pass editors, and truthful but unpleasant answers do not. Therefore Quora contributes to harmful propaganda by permitting these questions. On the other hand as one of the experts on this subject, people ask me to answer, and I do.)

Endemic racism hasn’t changed in the USA and never will, bcause it doesn’t cahnge anywhere except when there is absurd wealth that alleviates competition. But racisim is becoming more severe because of the political influence of immigration (invasion) by large numbers of hispanics who do not integrate, and the recent expansion of islam and its lack of self-policing, it’s hostility to modernity, hostility to science, and hostility to integration.

As long as a minority consists of less than 5% of a population there seems to be little conflict. Above 5% and when minorities congregate in neighborhoods, cities, or regions we see (universally) their attempt to seek political power in order to obtain by political means that which they cannot obtain by market means. There are no conditions under which this is false.

The USA is worse off than say the UK, France and Germany because we have no ‘culture’ other than commerce and rule of law. And due to activism in the 1960s, we have lost all our ‘norms’. So it is no longer possible to achieve what we could prior to 1963: indoctrination into the protestant work ethic, the absolute nuclear family, some variation of christianity, and a meritocratic social hierarchy.

So we lack a culture, lack norms, lack normative institutions, and therefore all conflict is ‘free for all’ and forced into politics.

At present the ‘war’ is between the six immigrant cities, and the rest of the country.

What I suspect is that this conflict cannot be resolved through any solution other than either civil war, secession, or the devolution of normative law from the federal to the regional governments in line with the “11 Nations” of North America, and relegating the federal government to roles only of insurer of last resort (war, retirement, health, property conflict.)

What I suspect will continue to occur in the six major immigrant cities is reversion to type: the evolution of a caste system like we see in india and south america. The reason being that the median genetic ability of individuals in each tribal and racial group will produce castes as we have seen elsewhere.

All political action is a proxy for violence. There is no circumventing of that reality.

When political action is no longer a sufficient proxy for violence – man universally returns to violence.

And no civilization has ever been as fragile as ours.

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