Is It Ok To Be Socialistic Or Anti-capitalistic Sometimes?

All societies consist of mixed economies. We have abandoned the experiment with socialism world wide (the central organization of the economy) and instead have settled on the federal production of commons, the mixed production of core industries, and the private production of goods, services, and information. So there exist no socialist and no capitalist economies – only mixed economies. And we debate how much production of commons, how much investment in core industries, and how much liberty in the private sector economy, and how much taking from private production to give out as redistribution for unproductive periods due to age, unemployment, and care-taking.

The first problem that we face is human nature. Everyone will take all the free rides he can get. Secondly, we face a great lie: that is that the wealthier we become, the lower the demand for people who cannot learn on their own (people who cannot handle college level independent learning) and that all people can achieve middle income status if even if they cannot produce middle income market value.

So it is not OK to be ignorant and have an opinion about such things if you lack the knowledge to hold such an opinion. The fact of the matter is that economics is not very different from hydraulics. Where small changes can produce very large changes elsewhere – and visa versa. And where any ‘gap’ or will fill in with water at the first opportunity, just like all people will seek to make theirs whatever they can at every opportunity.

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