Why Do U.s. Americans Give False Comments Of Appreciation?

America is a high trust society. We allow people to perform below their capacity, or even fail, as long as (a) they try hard, (b) they are honest.

When an american says something complimentary he is saying, ‘you can trust me to act in your interests even if you are imperfect or fail’, or ‘as long as you are honest and trying hard we will not criticize you, and will only offer advice if asked’.

In other words, we cannot fix everthing, education of others is costly, education of others may be unwanted, and people getnerally will learn on their own. If you’re adding benefit to something, it is not our place to create more benefit. It is our place only to prevent harm. By preventing harm, most people will achieve success at their own rates, and learn to be independent.

By this process we “Teach Men to Fish” at their own pace, at their own choice, and we ‘eliminate’ the people who (a) dont try hard (b) aren’t honest. If we instruct people then they learn only to obey commands.

FWIW: Most of our charity work in the world has caused more harm than good. It is not clear that aside from teaching literacy, and providing health care, that we do any good at all. Although in retrospect, bringing christianity rather than islam has been one of the great achievements of western civilization. Christianity builds commerce and literacy, and islam creates illiteracy ignorance and poverty.


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