Trump Messages: Feed The Base

#Trump REPEAT: We have, for the first time, the grassroots organization of media equal to that of the left. USE IT. USE THE BASE.

#Trump Drudge/Breitbart/media must rely upon MEMES and headlines. THE NEW RIGHT ARGUES, PROMOTES and ridicules. FEED THE BASE.

#Trump The activist NEW right is highly organized. As much as were the Marxists. As much as the Soros wing. USE THE CHANNEL, USE THE BASE.

#Trump For the first time in history conservatives have a media army – grassroots media activists. USE IT. To use it, FEED THE BASE.

#Trump The Activist Right can be turned into a Distribution Channel if you FEED IT information. MANAGE THE BASE AND WIN.

#Trump Some of us can inform the BASE on the rationality of STRATEGIC actions. But only if we KNOW the decision criteria.

#Trump – Ignore the mainstream press. Feed the activist right. If you act rationally and morally, we will dominate the discourse if we KNOW.

#Trump We cannot INFORM the base without understanding the decision criteria. The activist right needs facts – or they will invent motives.

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