Is The ‘white Race’ Genetically Superior Or Just Happened To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time?

Um. It’s that, like East Asians, the European white subrace is DEMOGRAPHICALLY superior, and because it is demographically superior, it is institutionally and culturally superior, which is why it’s economically technologically and militarily superior. That’s because the single best thing you can do to advance your population is shrink your working, lower, and underclass populations such that the median ability of individuals per calorie of production per capita allows the highest investment in individuals while preserving the rate of return. (a mouthful but it’s not that complicated.)

Whether White Europeans are genetically superior is questionable. Of the SUBRACES, only Han/Korean/Japanese, and White Europeans, have succeeded in (a) reducing the size of the underclass, and (b) reduced the rate and depth of sexual maturity. The Ashkenazi have in addition, (c) reversed sexual dimorphism which has proven an interesting and novel strategy.

But this domestication of the human animal has had consequences. The east asians have been the most successful at limiting sexual maturity, and may in fact, have surpassed the benefit of doing so, but they have gained longer lifespans and somewhat superior health because of it. They appear to have superior memories in addition which accounts for their academic performance. Unfortunately they have culturally selected for intolerance for challenges to the status hierarchy (preferring stagnation).

The Europeans have transferred female morphological traits to males, but maintained high sexual dimorphism despite lower levels of testosterone than all but east asians.

The Ashkenazi have transferred female superiority in verbal expression to males, at the expense of the consequences of transferring other normatively female traits to males such as a much higher incidence of homosexuality. They have selected for disruption of the host population’s dominance hierarchy while retaining use of the female preference for internal equality. Effectively the Ashkenazi have adopted the female reproductive strategy and it appears they have genetically adapted to it as well. (Studying their use of this strategy has been interesting in that it illustrates the range of what is possible through selective expression of gender traits.)

The rest of the world populations have been unable to reduce the scale of their working, lower, and underclasses sufficiently to lower demographic resistance to improving their institutions both formal and informal – particularly improving their higher incidences of corruption. Moreover, some information systems and some ideas prohibit the improvement of knowledge just as the lower and working classes inhibits the improvement of formal and informal institutions. So once we have analyzed the successes of the european, ashkenazi, and east asian populations we are left with the same problem for everyone else: demographic distribution is so heavy on the bottom that the top cannot develop a means of organizing society using incentives (cheap) rather than force (expensive) to produce goods, services, and information necessary to raise them out of ignorance, superstition, and poverty.

The reason for EUROPEAN white sub-race’s success in the ancient and modern world was made possible by rather obvious factors:

1 – the location between the steppe which provided the horse, europe which provided the wheel, and the armenians who provided bronze technology. The mobility provided by the combination of these technologies made it possible to replace the european population almost entirely as it moved westward. And to conquer the older peoples as they moved eastward and southward. Encountering the older peoples, they preferred to rule then integrate with them, and have largely disappeared as other than genetic contributors.

2 – Farming on the european plain is reasonably fruitful given the growing season but ruling it more difficult than the concentration of production in river valley and it’s longer growing seasons. Even if less difficult than the near impossibility of ruling the steppe and desert pastoral people for whom fixed capital is nearly impossible to hold, and therefore threaten, rule, and tax. So where the fertile crescent, North Indian, and Chinese river valley civilizations could develop through central control of production, and extraction of rents. And where they could count on trade routes across the warmer parts of the globe, europeans could not so easily concentrate capital without seafaring. And steppe and desert people could not do so at all. This is why these civilizations developed in order.

3 – The european winters that are harsh enough that those lacking sufficient physical, emotional, intellectual, and reproductive desirability cannot survive the vicissitudes of nature. And conversely, whereas people in warm climates benefit from rapid maturity in order to survive disease gradients, people in cold climates benefit from slower maturity in order to invest in higher discipline and industriousness. So for all intents and purposes those people who lack industriousness in northern climes could not survive, and those people in equatorial climes required early maturity to survive.

4 – Both East Asians (han, korean, chinese) and europeans (Atlantics, Celts, Germanics, Scandinavians, Baltics, Slavs, Southern slavs, ) were successful because of lack of neighboring competitors. Everyone left in Europe after the Aryan migration was kin or near kin. The chinese had their civil wars early and solidified control of the strip of green along the pacific. This condition selected for lower clannishness.

However, in the middle east, european forest, river, and sea people, levantine sea and desert people, indo-iranian and their MANY offshoots across the middle east, central asia and north africa, and the semitic people’s of inland and peninsula as well as sub-saharan africans all competed and developed extraordinary clannishness.

And worse, since the steppe and desert people, always behind, always lacking capital, always mobile, and always the world’s terrorist underclass, disrupted the east, west, and south until the byzantines and the persians had exhausted themselves, and they were caught by the desert expansion of the arabs from the south.

5 – This clannishness or lack of it, number of non-kin neighbors, rate and depth of sexual maturity, balance of sexual dimorphism, and scale of the underclass, as well as the traditions necessary to form political orders in the concentrated river (great/Fertile Crescent), distributed forest and rivers(good/east and west) , and fragmentary steppe and desert (bad/north and south), or the inability to participate in eurasian trade routes (sub-saharan africa, southeast asia, and the americas) describes the primary reason for empirical consequences of racial differences, caused largely by demographic adaptation to regional demands.

6 – However, east, center, and west, developed three very different intellectual traditions.

The east developed ritualism, observation and reason. Not religion as we understand it. Not science, logic, or rationalism as we understand it, not necessarily philosophy as we understand it, but observation, reason, accounting, and many technologies. They developed a society largely a literature of reason.

The aristocratic center developed zoroastrianism, which we can call religious literary tradition, and relied upon that as their philosophical framework. This decision was to have profound consequences. They developed the conflation of supernatural religion and philosophy as their literature.

The slaves (jews) conflated supernatural and philosophical literature, with their law and history, and developed authoritarian supernatural mysticism – beginning with abrahamism which split into judaism ( middle class administrative), christianity (working class levantine and roman), and islam (underclass steppe and desert). religions. This decision was to have profound consequences. Because between islam for the past 1400 years, and judaism in the form of Marxism/Communism, Abrahamism has been second only to the black plague black plague in accumulated deaths throughout all of history. (really).

The west retained paganism, rather than ritualism, or monotheism, and partly for this reason they practiced deflation in every discipline. Meaning that religion, holidays, festivals, philosophy, politics and law, were separate disciplines. And meaning that governments were merely collections of noble families negotiating their common interests, with a leader generally chosen as headman, chieftain, or king.

So in the west, quite by accident, the debate between equals, evolved into common law, the method of argument in to reason, and reason into philosophy and philosophy into science. And the reason this was possible was because the military aristocracy cooperated contractually – voluntarily – for the common good, and enfranchised men into the military to increase their numbers, and indoctrinating them into the westren way of war.

The western way of war required maneuver, and contract, between nobility and their followers. And soldiers learned to ‘report’ or ‘testify’ – reporting empirically without color, loading, of framing – or men die. In other words, westerners discovered what we call empirical (meaning observable) truth and institutionalized it. And instead of ‘truth’ being a threat to the existing *arbitrary* dominance hierarchy, truth was a respectable means of climbing the dominance hierarchy. So between deflationary institutions, argumentative reason, contractualism, common law, jury, testimony, and the value of truthful speech, the west was able to adapt, innovate, faster than the rest of the surrounding civilizations despite inferior numbers, being poorer, and being on the remote edge of the far more mature bronze age civilizations.

The Justinian Plague and the Arab Conquest of the mediterranean, and generations of piracy, raids, and slave trading of europe by the muslims caused the dark ages, more so than the germanics who wanted to join the empire. But despite the failures of the merovingians and the franks, by the 700’s the north sea peoples had started to develop a sufficient trade system to create enough wealth to lose their dependence upon overland trade with the mediterranean. So by 700’s we see bipartite manorialism which results in the near total replacement of the underclass by downwardly mobile members of the genetic middle class. By the high middle ages we see the development of academies and consistent trade routes. Then the import of greek and roman thought as persecuted intellectuals fled the arab conquest of the byzantines. And by the late middle ages the hansa (germanic north sea) civilization would develop, above the Hajnal line, creating what we call ‘the puritan ethic’ and the ‘absolute nuclear family’ and ‘government by rule of law’; rule without rulers.

That’s really the answer. Westerners discovered deflationary truth, which allowed them to adapt to change faster, and they succeeded as did the chinese in aggressive killing off of the underclass through manorialism, hanging 1% of the population per year, plagues, winter starvation, and war. In other words, it’s not that the western peoples are better. It’s that the people who were not good in the west are nearly gone.

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