Understanding Ourselves by Comparing Jewish and Aristocratic Philosophy


It’s not hard. You can turn all jewish philosophy on its head:

A poor, migratory, pastoral people, with high inbreeding, high clannishness, reverse sexual dimorphism, and who experienced their age of transformation as slaves, never adapted to land-holding, or developed land holding virtues, norms, institutions, laws and traditions, nor through selection developed a masculine aristocracy, or permanent warrior class, then industrialized the lying and wishful thinking of slaves, and upon obtaining literacy, selected for amplifying all their reverse sexual dimorphism (female reproductive strategy), and supporting values, and through their males, weaponized the reproductive strategy of women: wishful thinking, gossip, and deceit, by which to bring about a restored primitive matrilineal order. In other words, just as women evolved gossip to rally males against alphas, jews continued this strategy of gossiping

Just as women make their men weak if give the opportunity, jews make their hosts weak if given the opportunity.

Just as women ridicule, shame, gossip, and rally, jews do so but on an industrial scale with great deal of sophistication.

Just as women are superior at speech and men at action, jews are superior at speech, and aristocracy superior in action.

Just as women are petty and treat each other horribly if empowered, jews are petty and treat others horribly if empowered.

We have already had one jewish empire: the soviet union. And we must never have that happen to mankind again.

So no more Abrahamism: judaism, christianity, islam.

So no more Cosmopolitanism: Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, Rothbard, Rand, of the millions of jewish propagandists.

No more postmodernism: Foucault, Derrida, and all.

No more feminism and its history of lies. Reciprocity and Meritocracy are as they are, without the wishful thinking and parasitism of women.

We know the name of pandora: Abrahamism of the Jews, and its cancerous impact on the christians and muslims and by consequence, the rest of the world.

How do we stop abrahamism, cosmopolitanism, and the ridicule, shaming, rallying, and gossip of women?

Reciprocity, Truth. Testimonialism. Natural Law. Punishment. Zero Tolerance.

The via positiva law of Reciprocity (natural law):
The via negativa law is non imposition of costs
The via positiva of words is truth, of actions is exchange,
The via negativa is zero tolerance

And that is the aristocratic (white) version of Sharia.
Meaning that zero tolerance, requires mastery of violence.
Mastery of violence is expensive.
Therefore it must be profitable.

Aristocracy’s first industry is violence for the purpose of conducting zero tolerance of impositions of costs, by words or deeds, directly or indirectly,

The common people need only rule of law to protect them – when empowered they are parasites. all else can be produced by voluntary rather than coercive organizations.

The people who demonstrate productivity through reciprocity of production need means of developing commons by which to create multipliers of their productivity. They require a market for the production of commons: houses of the commons.

The people who demonstrate productivity through defense of reciprocity: militia and army, sheriff and judiciary, regional nobility and the monarchy, require a house of government to limit the houses of the commons.

With courts of reciprocity under universal standing and universal application a market for reciprocity can form without the monopoly rule of government to fabricate it. Then government can be used for its only moral purpose: the creation of contracts for the production and maintenance of commons – where these contracts must survive the market for reciprocity we call the courts.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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  1. “…We have already had one jewish empire: the soviet union. And we must never have that happen to mankind again…”

    They desperately want to do this to the USA. I don’t think they will be able to but it is possible. A lot depends on how many people are Jew wise and know their past. Not enough right now but as things get worse and worse and the media gets crazier and crazier people will start looking for answers elsewhere. The answer are there and they don”t look good for the Jews. They are truly horrible people.

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