What Are The Best Things To Do On Weekends As A Student At The University Of Hartford?

Go home. Hartford is one of America’s poorest cities and only shortly behind Detroit in lifecycle. It is a city of nihilism and despair with only the crude business of insurance to provide tax revenues.

The University of Hartford had an opportunity in the 70’s to develop into a meaningful institution of science, technology, mathematics, economics, and law, on is rather gorgeous campus, but embraced the popular trend of postmodernists and is now just a mediocre waypoint for the underperforming middle classes from long island and new jersey, and the desperate few who seek to extend their adult skills and remain in the Hartford area rather than take flight to a state that is not in decline and bankruptcy due to the combination of anglo puritanism and jewish cosmopolitanism that have made the state a pariah for education, engineering, and technology.

Let the last person with an IQ over 80 more than five miles north of the connecticut shoreline, turn out the lights.

U of H is like the malls of New Jersey. It just hasn’t gone out of business yet.


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