Month: June 2017

  • Natural Law on The Declaration of Independence

    THE ORIGIN OF OUR CONSTITUTION Our constitution was proposed as an alternative – a third way – an alternative to the parasitic rents of the arbitrary commands of the martial aristocracy, and the dysgenia, deceits, and parasitic rents of the church bureaucracy. A *purely meritocratic order* free of rents whether constructed of arbitrary commands or superstitious excuses – A constitution […]

  • Can Syria Become Another Vietnam For The Us And Russia?

    Iran is the problem. a) Russian population ~145M but with autocracy, missiles and oil, a world power.b) Iran + Iraq + Syria + Lebanon + Yemen = ~150M. But with autocracy, missiles and oil a world power. Iran is recreating the persian empire under arab rather than persian culture as the ottoman declined. Just as Russia created its empire by […]

  • Open Letter to Jordan Peterson

    Dr. Peterson; This is a rather deep question so hope you will tolerate the bit of wordiness in asking this question by analytic means. 😉 GIVEN: We can tell as much about a person, his understanding, his ethics, his culture, his civilization by the methods of his argument as by its content. When we speak, when we describe, when we […]

  • Human Evolutionary Genetics: Why Do Some White People Have Flat Butts? Or, Why Does It Seem Some People Of African Ancestry Have Larger Butts? What Is The Physical Difference In The Bodies That Determines The Body Shape?

    Research Neoteny. Some peoples have succeeded at self domestication more than others.

  • The Not So Austrian School vs Science and Mathematics

    WHAT ARE THE SHORTCOMINGS OF THE AUSTRIAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS? I’ve written extensively on this and I’ll make a few (possibly unpleasant) but clarifying points to explain why Today’s “Austrian School” is to the original “Mengerianism”, what Today’s “Liberalism” is to the original “Classical Liberalism”: an ‘appropriated term’. And Misesianism has little if anything to do with Mengerianism other than […]

  • What Are The Shortcomings Of The Austrian School Of Economics’ Understanding Of Economics?

    WHAT ARE THE SHORTCOMINGS OF THE AUSTRIAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS? I’ve written extensively on this and I’ll make a few (possibly unpleasant) but clarifying points to explain why Today’s “Austrian School” is to the original “Mengerianism”, what Today’s “Liberalism” is to the original “Classical Liberalism”: an ‘appropriated term’. And Misesianism has little if anything to do with Mengerianism other than […]

  • Say There Was An Abolition Of Private Property In America Today. What Would Our Economy And The Crime Rate Look Like After 5 Years?

    The entire economy would immediately tank, the dollar would crash worldwide, and with it the dollar’s reserve currency, the world would plunge into recursive economic depressions, resulting in mass chaos, mass violence, civil and international wars. In the united states, we would run out of food in about three days. … I mean. It’s too horrible to even think about. […]

  • Are There Any Good Arguments For White Supremacy Without Being Racist?

    If somehow acknowledging racial differences is ‘racism’ then no because you can’t even ask the question, and so you cant answer it either If ‘racism’ refers to treating an individual by the average properties of his race then that is a legitimate criticism of an illogical behavior. If ‘racism’ refers to criticism of the reproductive, cultural, political strategies of a […]

  • What Exactly Has Russia Done To The U.s. To Garner So Much Hatred By So Many Americans?

    forced us to fight a century long war against communism, and then failing to apologize or accept responsibility for their crimes against us, eastern europe, their own people, and all mankind.

  • Is Russia Right About The Fact That The Usa Is The Biggest Threat To Humanity?

    Um. I’m a Ukrainian resident. And you’re liar. Russia invaded ukraine. I was one of the people begging the USA for help in the revolution to be free or Russian corruption. And american government couldn’t care less.

  • The Oath of Transcendent Man

    A PAGAN, A CHRISTIAN, AN ARYAN, A WARRIOR, A MAN TRANSCENDENT I am a pagan if 1) I accept the laws of nature as binding on all of existence; and 2) if I treat nature as sacred and to be contemplated, protected and improved; and 3) I treat the world as something to transform closer to an Eden in whatever […]

  • Why Is The Koran Open To Interpretation?

    WHY HAS THE KORAN NOT BEEN CONVERTED INTO HISTORICAL AND LEGAL VERSE – TESTABLE STATEMENTS NOT OPEN TO INTERPRETATION? If the Koran can be converted to law – a sequence of operationally testable statements, as has all of christendom then why has it not been? If the koran can be converted into law so that it cannot be interpreted, why […]

  • Should Sub-saharans Be Reclassified From A Single Race To Multiple Races Given Their Much Greater Internal Genetic Diversity Compared To Other Races?

    Well as far as I know, sub saharan africans are in fact classified as a single, major race, but also into many sub-races within that major race. The question is why we don’t classify whites into as many subraces. The older races have more speciation for obvious reasons and the younger races less. It’s just obvious what that’s so: more […]

  • What Is The Most Beautiful Ethnic Group In Europe?

    General consensus is that the ethnic dutch are the biggest and best looking men. That scandinavian and high german peoples are probably equally beautiful in each gender (and the low germans are not). That the northern slavic women are better looking than their men, and probably the most beautiful women in the world. The data suggests the blonde germanic facial […]

  • Why Are Most White People Richer Than Non-whites?

    TERRIBLE ANSWERS, I’LL TRY TO IMPROVE THEM WITH THE SCIENCE OF IT Greater success at reproductive juvenilization. we are not sure why other than that slowing the rate of maturity is possible in colder climates, whereas accelerating the rate of maturity in warmer clients is necessary for no other reason than to survive the higher incidence of disease, parasites, and […]

  • The official page of Massimo Pigliucci, the K.D. Irani Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York

  • Stupid Games Are Still Entertaining

    Twenty-six things about me… A- Age: 50-ish B- Biggest fear: Failing to accomplish my goals before I die. C- Current time: 7:08pm D- Drink you last had: mineral water (always) E- Every day starts with: how much juice do I have to make use of today, and how shall I put it to use? (Really). F- Favorite song: Cannon in […]

  • The Purpose Of Religion

    —The purpose of all religion is the intentional, organized, disciplined, ritualized institutionalized, violation of Natural Law.— (I wonder how much trouble I’m going to get into with that one?)

  • Men are demonstrably better to one another than women are to one another. Men are demonstrably better to women than men are to men. Women are demonstrably better to their children than to men or women.

  • Postmodernism: Kill The Income Stream And Kill The Idea

    (defund the left) 1) The Easy Part. – End Copyright – Convert to Creative Commons. – Restore fighting – (Duel) restore retaliation on gossip, and ridicule – Defamation – restore all defamation, including speculation. – Truthfulness – defense of informational commons. – University bears Responsibility for Student Loans This will destroy the left’s ability to exist. Because the […]

  • ( Thinking about how the universe, and the structure of the universe isn’t something ‘out there’ bigger than we are and imperceptible to us, or here, in our solids, liquids, gasses, plasmas and spaces that is perceptible to us. And that it’s just a vast web of these very small geometric phenomenon that through attraction and resistance create spaces of […]

  • Truthful Argument With Fictionalists

    “If we are engaging in negotiation or argument, we want to know if we can cooperate with you. We prefer to cooperate with you only because cooperation in the long term is more rewarding than predation in the short term. The strategy of my people is maneuver: speed in adaptation. As such we practice Heroism, Sovereignty(Reciprocity), Contract, and Testimonial Truth. […]

  • It’s Time Legislation Against Facebook to Force Remedies The Government Has Not.

      (DRAFT) (These Complaints are written in accessible prose for a general audience.) INTRODUCTION Despite years of criticism and threats of nationalization or regulation, Facebook has failed to implement features that are technologically possible, in many cases technologically trivial, and in all cases, in the public interest, for reasons we cannot know but appear to suit commercial and personal political interests […]

  • ( The irony of asking me of all people to simplify someone else’s work… lol ) He’s saying that Like Religion and Idealism, saturation by radio, television, and movies, absorption in Video Games and Social Media, Internet dating exists as a fantasy world insulated from tests of correspondence with reality. Whereas, yes, dating causes us to hyperfocus, and sexual […]

  • Natural Law on The Restoration of The Church

    Independence of the Church The Natural Law exists independent of any Territory, Polity, Institution, or Opinion. The Church shall exist independently of any Territory, Polity, or Institution, and Opinion. The Church shall in the service of Natural Law and Transcendence alone. The Church or Church Proper refers to the interests of the Church Body, past, present, and future. All shareholders must […]