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( The irony of asking me of all people to simplify someone else’s work… lol )

He’s saying that Like Religion and Idealism, saturation by radio, television, and movies, absorption in Video Games and Social Media, Internet dating exists as a fantasy world insulated from tests of correspondence with reality. Whereas, yes, dating causes us to hyperfocus, and sexual attraction causes us to hyperfocus, romantic love causes us to hyperfocus, but that hyperfocusing is, at least when we’re apart, empirically validated or invalidated by our interactions with reality. And that cumulatively we are increasingly existing in a stream of information that itself is non-correspondent with reality, a social construction that is non correspondent with reality, and mental models that are non correspondent with reality, for the simple reason that our habits, norms, ideologies, philosophies, laws, and institutions have not adapted to the saturation of non-correspondent information. And therefore we have the choice as to regress to prior state (Luddism), fall victim to the current state (Abrahamism), or to develop technologies that assist us in evolving the contents of our minds, such that they still correspond to reality even if the information stream does not. In other words, (this is how I put it) we must move from the primary search for options for satisfaction that we might seize given the new information-rich environment, to reduction of error, bias, wishful thinking, obscurantism, fictionalism,and deceit, so that we can choose options correspondent with reality and therefore TRANSCEND, instead of Regress intentionally (as did the luddites by admitting failure to solve the problem), or falling into be defeated (as those who fall prey to Abrahamism have done, and regress unintentionally.)

( FYI? Thus the explanatory power of Propertarianism, Testimonialism, Acquisitionism, the use of series, and operational definitions is yet demonstrated once again as the means by which we deflate and articulate those patterns we intuit, but because of the archaic vocabulary and grammar of our language, appears difficult.)

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