What Is The Most Beautiful Ethnic Group In Europe?

General consensus is that the ethnic dutch are the biggest and best looking men. That scandinavian and high german peoples are probably equally beautiful in each gender (and the low germans are not). That the northern slavic women are better looking than their men, and probably the most beautiful women in the world.

The data suggests the blonde germanic facial features are the most desirable.

The reason being that white europeans have succeeded both in substantial suppression of the rate of maturity (see Paedomorphism, Juvenilization, and Neoteny), while retaining gender dimorphism (men look like men, women like women).

While the even greater success of the east asians at Juvenilization started from an earlier generation with more ape-like features, and perhaps gone farther than is beneficial – albeit east asians have gained more even weight distribution and longer life spans in exchange.

And yes, there are people (usually marketers) who study this kind of thing with extraordinary passion.


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