Why Are Most White People Richer Than Non-whites?


  1. Greater success at reproductive juvenilization. we are not sure why other than that slowing the rate of maturity is possible in colder climates, whereas accelerating the rate of maturity in warmer clients is necessary for no other reason than to survive the higher incidence of disease, parasites, and predators.
  2. Greater success at aggressive culling the size of the underclasses. While it is impolitic to say so, the wealth or poverty of a people is more dependent upon the reduction and elimination of the underclasses than it is upon the production of exceptional people and education. A good rule of thumb is that every person at the bottom is six times as costly as every person at the top is productive.
  3. Greater success at eliminating the clannishness impulse. Again, we are not sure if this is an artifact of low population density and cold climates, or purely one of cultural forces influence reproductive choice. In either event, white people (to their detriment) are less tribal and clannish.
  4. For reasons we are just beginning to understand, the west made very different cultural choices. (a) telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth as highest virtue, despite any impact it would ahve on the dominance hierarchy. (b) Sovereignty and Markets in Everything creating a market for polities, and polities led by markets, rather than monopolistic hierarchies. As a consequence a division of the state into different institutions that competed with one another. This led to deflationary literature where the rest of the world relied on conflationary literature. (c) that the gods, like men, are subject to the laws of the natural universe, and that man can defeat the folly of these gods with cunning and effort.
  5. So white people are more trusting, more trustworthy, and have institutions that depend upon more trusting, more trustworthy people, and together these reduce the frictions that constrain non white peoples to lesser conditions. The only people close to whites are the Japanese and south koreans. And even among whites, these rules apply only to whites from above the Hajnal Line (protestants and their descendants) who practiced Bipartite Manorialism.


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