Month: September 2017


  • FYI: Everyone: Curt Doolittle has received a 30 day block. He does not know the reason, or the post or comment in question. We haven’t decided what to do, but it’s likely he will post on and 1- If you are not following the Propertarian Institute here on FB, please do so. 2 – If […]

  • The Limits Of Political Protest

    1 – There are limits to interpersonal action – that is the meaning of ‘ethical’. 2 – There are limits to social action – that’s the meaning of ‘moral’. 3 – There are limits to political action – that is the meaning of ‘sacred’. 1 – There are circumstances that are ethically constrained and circumstances that […]

  • Never Has An Empire Been More Fragile

    There is no natural gas, electrical, or electronic infrastructure that can survive a magazine of steel core 7.62 ammunition. There are no transformers that can survive a collision with a pickup truck. There are no poles that can survive a man with a chainsaw. There is no physical infrastructure than can sustain loss of water pressure and five gallons of […]

  • Our Revolution Comes.

  • Retweeted Curt Doolittle (@curtdoolittle): A Revolution Comes #Trump

  • The Raufoss Mk 211 is a .50 caliber (12.7×99mm NATO) multipurpose anti-matériel High-explosive incendiary/armor-piercing ammunition projectile produced by Nammo (Nordic Ammunition Group, a Norwegian/Finnish military industry manufacturer of ammunition), under the model name NM140 MP.[1] It is common…

  • (Keep my own advice: women play men’s games to assert dominance or peerage but when you respond with man game they do not like it or understand it. Always find it interesting. Women are amazing workhorses but they are psychologically fragile things. Men are not such amazing workhorses. We are sprinters so to speak. But psychologically we are nowhere near […]

  • Eventually we ran out of local flora and fauna. Eventually we ran out of new regions of flora and fauna. Eventually we ran out of arable land. Eventually (soon) we will run out of resources. Eventually (later) we will run out of a capacity to transform energy. We are never free of the universe’s limits. We are never […]

  • Intelligence is an advantage but being less wrong is a bigger advantage.

  • We All Must Find A Method Of Mindfulness – It’s Computationally Necessary

    —“”Atheism is unnatural. People are not evolved for secular epistemic purity but rather for survival through cooperation through language. A major way that people cooperate through language is by taking part in a community of faith. Searching for the truth apart from myth is also one, but one which is not a significant part of our evolutionary environment. The fact […]

  • Four years of art criticism. The primary rule of which was ‘no empty words’. One had to make thoughtful compliments and thoughtful criticisms. It sticks with you. DIMENSIONS: 1) Craft Scale (Craftsmanship(presence of resources)) 2) Design Scale (Aesthetics (presence of resources)) 3) Content (“Meaning” (presence of resources)) Scale (Population) 4) Monument Scale (Capital (Presence of resources)) Using […]

  • The media, eager to bury the story of the mass shooting at a church in Tennessee on Sunday in which a Sudanese immigrant, who is black, murdered a white mother of two and wounded six other people, including the pastor, has totally ignored the incident, conveniently using the NFL/ Trump controvers

  • Great Day Yesterday. Awesome.

  • Aryanism: The Production, Distribution and Utilization of Agency on Civilizational Scale

  • Agency: Violence, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Markets, Transcendence

  • TRUTH: From Correspondence to Non-Correspondence 1 – Martial (Or we die) 2 – Technological, (Or it doesn’t work, and we carry losses) 3 – Commercial (or we forgo opportunity) 4 – Normative (or we fail to create oppy’s for cooperation) 5 – Political (or we fail to create commons) 6 – Philosophical (or we fail to create common decidability) […]

  • Doolittle’s Law Of Market Limits

    The limit to the evolutionary value markets, is measurable by changes in genetic capital, and genetic capital is measureable by differences in total number of population and distribution(superiority) of traits. Likewise, the limit to genetic capital is competitive speciation (transcendence). Again, if you cannot state the limit to a theory(‘good’) then you do not understand of what you […]

  • Very clearly a difference between economists and all other social scientists. Just like there is a difference between philosophers of science and all other philosophers. Today I was so keenly aware that I about social science as an economist, philosopher of science, and theorist in algorithmic natural law….

  • Daniel Gurpide : I’m looking for that comment where you compared Lock/Hume with cant comparing liberty and duty and two other properties…. can you find a link to that? It’s priceless. Thanks.

  • We need mindfulness. Cults provide it. But Cults aren’t necessary. Stoicism is not wrapped in lies. Personal stoicism. Public ritual, feast, festival, sport.

  • Goods (Physical), Services (Actions), Information, Promises(Requirements), Opportunities(Options) Is that all there is really?

  • Mind Blowing Version Two

    It’s really that simple. And yes, we can produce a periodic table of speech. I swear I could spend a whole year just documenting what this whole thing means, and adding variations to it.

  • gram·mar /??ram?r/ noun The whole system and structure of a language or of languages in general, usually taken as consisting of syntax and morphology (including inflections) and sometimes also phonology and semantics. synonyms: syntax, sentence structure, rules of language, morphology; linguistics

  • Request For Donations To Cover Costs Of Video Production Of Our Roundtable

    LINK: Most of you know that we’re producing a video of a Roundtable with me, Duchesne, Macdonald, Sunic, and Jorjani on the subject of “Circumventing Postmodernism and the Frankfurt School”. This video is about three hours of content that we will edit down. It is our first domestically (USA) produced content. Usually we produce our work overseas […]