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1 – Communism: no state, people engaged in production, democratically decide how to allocate each according to his need.
2 – Socialism: total state ownership, with all income by redistribution.
3 – Fascism: Mixed private public ownership, with strict limits on commerce and behavior, such that maximum income is devoted to the production of commons.
4 – Social Democracy: Mixed public private ownership, but dividends (taxes) from the private sector redistributed for consumption.
5 – Classical Liberalism: Mixed public private Ownership with dividends (taxes) invested in commons, and without redistribution for consumption.
6 – Christian Monarchy: Monarchic ownership of territory, but nobility and property holders permission required for changes in taxation.
7 – Dictatorship: central ownership of everything and taxes collected by practical limitations, but with the intention of keeping the ‘public’ (cattle) productive.

X) Organization of production between involuntary(no property) and voluntary(Property).
Y) Direction of proceeds of production and market activity to Government members, or to commons, or to consumers.

That’s all the axes we have to work with.
That’s all there is to do.

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