(Diary: Health Update. Well, I look, think, and feel a lot better. I’m not sure I’m all back together yet, but I’m sure getting there. I have gained almost five pounds, but I think that was necessary, and that I can burn it off. Most of recovering was getting rid of the pneumonia, simply working less, sleeping a lot more, and the rest was avoiding anything antagonizing my allergies. So I still need a bit of a allergy intolerant ‘bubble’ to live in. I have to avoid almost every single preservative there is (making my own butter etc). And the air in urban ukraine was apparently a bigger problem than I understood. So I’ll return to radiant heat and individual air conditioners, and avoid all the central air nonsense that seems to be hell for me. All that said, it looks like in the next ninety days or so I’ll be back in the swing of things. Need to do some serious weight training. This means that it took me a full year to recover this time. But that it could have taken me only six months if I had simply made that my first objective rather than trying to do that, the business and writing at the same time. Sigh. I just need to not do that again. That sucked…lol.)

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