I have no problem b–ch slapping idiots who socialize on the phone in public places; and I understand the importance of taking business calls even when it’s inconvenient. And yes, not only have I been unintentionally loud in restaurants, and yes, at least in the past, I’ve been overloaded, distracted, or clueless enough to be profoundly rude in un-exitable places like airplanes, airports, lobbies and streets outside of restaurants, and yes, I understand third worlders are uncivilized animals who blither endlessly, express themselves loudly, gesture freely, impede people with more urgent matters, treat public spaces like extensions of their favella-hovels, and otherwise soil the the commons with their display, word, and deed. But you know when a fellow anglo saxon acts like one of the underclasses and semi-domesticated animals, it irritates the hell out of me. Thankfully, in my middle age, I’m patient enough to simply, and in friendly manner, remind the individual that he’s unaware that he’s very loud, and that an hour long business and finance call needs be made in a better setting. The difference is that fellow anglo saxons at least apologize for their inconsiderate behavior, instead of look at you cluelessly or get angry for disciplining them.

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