I take my Macbook pro to the Apple store. It’s three days out of warranty. They still cover it. They send it out and back in three days. I have a new case, new battery, new keyboard, new trackpad and new speakers. They already replaced the battery and the screen and the keyboard last spring. So at this point the only meaningful part that isn’t new is the 2TB SSD drive. Yeah, this is laptop new today is ~$4900 plus the $300 warranty. And when I bought this in 2014 it was about $400 less. But it’s been worth every damned penny. I figure that on average I use it 18 hours a day. for three years, that’s somewhere in the vicinity of twenty cents an hour. And it is very hard to imagine that they made a profit on this machine. However, if you look at all the apples I have bought since 2008, it’s four macbook pro 17’s, three Air’s, one mac pro, four iphones, and three ipads, they did just fine.

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