FYI: Everyone: Curt Doolittle has received a 30 day block. He does not know the reason, or the post or comment in question.

We haven’t decided what to do, but it’s likely he will post on and

1- If you are not following the Propertarian Institute here on FB, please do so.
2 – If you have not yet opened an account on, then please do so and “Friend” Curt there.
3 – If you do not yet have an account on please open one there. (it’s a wordpress site).

Here is the message he sent me:

—“Well, Zucc’ed for 30 days. Which, all things considered, is probably just what I need to get more work done. FWIW: I have no idea what post was offensive. But apparently I have stalkers who report such things as a form of harassment. So one thing I will do is purge the friends list this month. The other is that we’ll expand the features of the site this year so that FB is irrelevant. And in the interim I’ll be posting on VK and the main website, and I’ll create accounts for all FB friends and send out invitations from the site.”—

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