A Civil Society: Gestures

No, I don’t find you attractive or interesting or even want to have a conversation. I’m just CIVIL person who was RAISED WELL, with the undrestanding that casual recognition, a smile, and “hello” in passing is the civic equivalent of a handshake – the entire purpose of which is to demonstrate goodwill and remove uncertainty, fear, and status signaling. And in general, by doing so, make the world a more relaxing and pleasant place.

Unfortunately, evangelists, yankee peddlers, immigrants from the mediterranean, and immigrants from the third world culture of the ‘Bazaar’, lack Germanic decency in public.

We used, and those of us with good manners, still use “Excuse me Sir/Madam”, or the preposition “I’m sorry…but…”

Unfortunately we abandoned the duel for those who insult us; we abandoned the practice of berating or beating the crass and opportunistic for their ill manners; beating the underclass for even approaching their betters; and we have, always lacked the Eastern European and Asian “Crossed Ams” symbol for “No/Stop” that informs both the recipient of the gesture to cease and desist immediately, and requests all men within visual and auditory distance to come to one’s defense and and punish the abuser if he does not immediately break contact.

I have found that “Fuck Off” works in every country in the world that i’ve visited. And I still have no idea why I am never the target of interests of malcontents. But I would much prefer to return to an era where you could visit a provider of goods, services, and information, but such providers were prohibited from seeking attention, interruption, time, effort, or money from us in the commons.

End the commercialization of the commons. End tolerance for approach, interruption, attention, time, effort, and cost. And restore civil discourse of recognition, testimony of harmlessness (“hi, hello”) in those commons.

And in doing so restore some of the lost trust from our civilization.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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