Aristocracy, Snobbery, Virtue

Does not require much money. In fact, if you can purchase time in exchange for decreasing ownership of property that’s better for you. It requires only that you are extremely judicious in your expenditures. It requires only that you ‘be a man’: in control of yourself.

Be fit enough to fight no matter your age.
Eat well enough to stay fit enough to fight.
Own nothing not both Excellent, Beautiful, and Useful.
Be well dressed and well groomed enough to demonstrate your discipline and taste.
Accumulate cash, investments, manners, worthy friends, knowledge, and experiences.
Accumulate competitive knowledge.

Accumulate wealth. Three or more men living in a single residence, will accumulate enough wealth. If you are all of similar economic strategy, you will merely improve one another. Remember that a pack of men is only as strong as its weakest member. So be intolerant.

Do not ‘try’ to get rich. Getting rich is a simple as (a) avoiding all credit, (b) not having a starter marriage, (c) saving half of what you earn (d) buying a house, only for cash, only to have enough children, or only for investment and renting out.

Yes, we want women. Women peak at 19-22. But don’t ‘lose the crazy’ until 33-35. Men peak between 35 and 55. Find a women 7-15 years your junior – if not twenty, have five or six children from a position of power. Try to get at least two if not three sons, by frequent sex during peak ovulation. Sons who you have time for are an asset.

Women are more plentiful the better shape you are in, the better groomed you are, and the wealthier you are. Girlfriends are cheapest, but must be rotated every year. Women can be rented by online dating, and rented for sex. There is no reason to own one until you have the assets to afford one.

Yes, as a man who finds life without a woman as my best friend difficult if not impossible, I understand. But I also understand how much I have lost in my divorces. And I understand that the state, like the church, is organized to prey upon men.

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