Definition: Culture

The set of Methods of Decidability Within a Formal or Informal Polity that provide a group with a competitive group evolutionary strategy.

– Manners and Dress;
– Roles, Status Hierarchies, and Signals
– Cuisine, Norms and Traditions;
– Formal Institutions, Processes, Property Rights
– Myths, Legends, and Histories,
– Rituals, Festivals, and Arts of all kinds
– Language, Dialect, and Colloquial Expressions
– Methods of Communication, Persuasion, Argument (deflation/conflation)
– Demonstrated Definition of “Truth”
– Metaphysical Value Judgements (they are unaware of)

As far as I know this is the definition of a culture: methods of decidability within a formal or informal polity, that provide that polity(group) with a competitive group evolutionary strategy with which they can identify cooperators and avoid non-cooperators, and conflict with competitors.

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