National (Middle Class) Socialism, Vs International (Underclass) Communism

National Socialism (Tribalism) Pro Western vs. International Communism (Classism) Anti-Western.

National Socialism: Defensive Strategy: Monopoly High Culture, Industrialized production of commons, Public limits on and cooperation with Industry, Private commerce, Not autarkic but highly nationalist trade biases. With the purpose of policy the intergenerational family, and the suppression of the underclasses. Right of Exit. (Middle Class and Working Class Bias)

International Communism: Offensive Strategy: Monopoly Low Culture, Industrialized production of commons, Public control of industry, public control of commerce, Not Autarkic but Expansionist. The purpose of policy the ‘individual’, and the expansion and ‘uplifting’ of the underclasses. (Laboring Class and Underclass Bias)

You know the ancient world origins of judaism, christianity, and islam are in the underclass revolution against the (white) aristocracy, by replacing tragedy, sacrifice, and the trials of Achilles (the wealthy farmers), with the tragedy, sacrifice, and the trials of Jews, Jesus, Muhammed (the poor pastoralists).

Why do you think that National Socialism (Nationalist Middle Class, Economic warfare) versus International Communism (Universalist Underclass Economic Warfare) is any different in our era than the battle between the high trust middle class agrarian traders, and the low trust lower class pastoralist laborers?

What is the difference between postmodernism and christianity? None. They’re both for the purpose of making false promises to the underclasses so that they use their numbers to destroy the aristocracy and create a dark age.

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