Propertarianism Will Absolutely Help You Discover Incentives, Just As Testimonials Will Help You Discover Falsehoods. &#13

—“Incentives are not always easy to identify”—

I dunno. I can almost always identify them.

At worst, it’s pretty easy to create a range of possibilities. It takes practice. But we all want to acquire the same things. And we all start from pretty obviously different positions.

I hate conflict but I can take care of myself. Hence why I have libertarian economic intuitions. ( I have high openness to experience )

I loathe the priestly (pseudoscientific, pseudo-rational, pseudo-ideal, pseudo-mythical) caste. (Purity)

And I feel revulsion toward the underclasses on every level (disgust, purity).

Both of which are a defense of the commons – making me a conservative. (i.e. Masculine reproductive strategy)

So I favor a conservative (eugenic) social order, but with lots of liberty (opportunity) for experimentation and variation in the status hierarchy.

We can measure all these things and predict them and they’re all reducible to brain structures.

We all make excuses to explain what is good when what we mean is that we have a preference.

– Socialism: Feminine Dysgenic Distributed Consumption,
– Market Liberalism: Balanced Market of largely meritocratic distribution,
– Fascism(Nationalism): Masculine Eugenic Concentrated Savings

Are an the Elephant, and only men are the riders that steer them. Women have necessary reproductive intuitions (Drives) but extremely dangerous political intuitions. Men pretty much have the opposite.

If we are properly socialized we are compatible. If we are improperly socialized and given political license we are incompatible.

Americans are improperly socialized.

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