Review: A Waste Of Photo Paper

“At the Border of Truth: Photographing the New East “
Sasha Rudensky, Assistant Professor of Art
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 5:00 pm
Ring Family Performing Arts Hall, Center for the Arts
Wesleyan University

Aside from three or four shots that showed insight into stereotypical russian working class archetypes – which I found insulting as I assume they would – the work is worse than student quality – so much so that the viewer is left not pondering the image, but pondering why one would select such images other than for their lack of composition, content, and insight.

Seriously. I know the art world has been a relative wasteland since the dawn of the digital age, and americans lack the culture and acculturation necessary to produce high arts. And I know the ‘new inspirationless and aspiration-less primitivism’ is meant to appeal to the rising anti-western underclasses now aspiring to upper middle class decor.

So, why don’t we just rename Art in America,
(New) American Painter, Art News, … the whole lot of them to “Proletarian Decoration in Western Civilization”?

I have literally not seen a gallery show in over a decade that didn’t insult my intelligence and my aesthetics.

God. What A Wasteland Aesthetics Has Become.

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