I am not a snob in denial. I’m just a f-cking snob. Ok? I not only admit it – I’m proud of it. I studied fine art, history, science and philosophy, just so I could MASTER snobbery. The only difference is I prefer to use snobbery to ADVANCE my people rather than masturbate by virtue signaling. Snobbery is merely the search for excellence, and the frequent exercise of disapproval of alternatives to excellence.

Now if I can master Ascetic Snobbery I’m going to be even happier. ‘Cause the whole Bourgeois thing has just gotten totally out of hand….

The purpose of economic excellence, like military and aesthetic excellence is to defeat other tribes and to increase your tribe’s position above the rest in the race against the red queen. And then let the laggards try to catch up through imitation.

Snobbery is a virtue. ;)

It’s just the art of Truth, Excellence, Goodness, and Beauty.

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